Sustainable Business Solutions

We know that the success of any business depends on a team effort, working towards a common goal.

We also understand the pressures both internally, externally being faced in a fluctuating marketplace.

Internally, now more than ever companies are looking for ways in which to attract and retain a talented workforce.  The make up  of a workforce in todays service sector has changed, far more blended between permanent and temporary staff, contractors and consultants. In order to create sustainable growth and thrive, there is a requirement to do more than just offer an employee a salary with some benefits.

There are also a number of external considerations, Fluctuating markets, Corporate Social Responsibility, Labour Relations, changing Legal Legislations

Professionals within Talent Management and Workforce Development are critical in helping the entire workforce achieve their full potential by creating initiatives available to the team broadening their knowledge and skills as well as considering remuneration, work – life balance.

All things combined can help to create a motivated, strong workforce.

Our aim is to create a community, led by the best professionals in the industry.

A meeting place of the minds

This not only allows us to understand your organization, it facilitates knowledge sharing, creating dialogue cross departments addressing both internal and external pressures resulting in a strengthened team approach to finding the right people, the first time.  This approach is aimed to equip your teams with the right tools to be the best they can be and helping companies reduce costs associated to the process and the financial impact companies have in high attrition in staff.


 PSAC Connect’s Contingent Recruitment solution is designed to help organizations efficiently find hard-to-source talent both quickly and effectively. This offering is perfect for finding the ideal candidate quickly, building out a team of employees, or turning to when the candidate pool has simply run dry.  

As with all our offerings, PSAC member organizations receive a preferred rate on all Contingent Recruitment efforts.

Please contact us directly to discuss our Contingent Recruitment offering in more detail.   


 When seeking an individual for an executive or highly niche position, our Executive Search solution is the answer. Leaning on our extensive track record in executive search, PSAC Connect’s process ensures that our clients engage with the absolute best candidates available in the marketplace. Our offering stands out from the rest due to our unrivaled market research process, which – coupled with thorough vetting and interview processes – ensures that our clients find their ideal candidate every time.  

As with all our offerings, PSAC member organizations receive a preferred rate on all Executive Search efforts.

Please contact us directly to discuss our Executive Search offering in more detail.   


 Due to the constant state of change within the energy industry, businesses often experience corresponding state of flux from a talent perspective. Circumstances arise that require organizations to undertake large-scale recruitment efforts all at once, often without having the necessary staff in place to execute such intensive recruitment initiatives. This is where our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solution comes in.

Whether your business is preparing to take on a large-scale recruitment effort, or simply lacks staff with the capacity or expertise to handle day-to-day recruitment, our RPO offering sees PSAC Connect manage your end-to-end talent acquisition process, whether it be for a single campaign, or for your entire organization.

As with all our offerings, PSAC member organizations receive a preferred rate on all RPO efforts.  

Please contact us directly to discuss our RPO offering in more detail.

We offer a range of talent management services.  PSAC members receive preferential rates on all of our service offerings Contact Us today to see how we can help you.